Mike Sapp

Mike Sapp was born and raised in Southern California and came of age just in time for the West Coast personal training movement.  It all began in the 1970’s at Venice Beach where the pioneers of physical fitness training, Joe Gold, Reg Park, Bill Pearl and Zabo, were gaining worldwide recognition.  Sapp was just a teenager who wandered into their orbit and was instantly transfixed.  “These guys became my mentors,” he said, “Learning from them, seeing their discipline and drive, watching them train and how they pushed themselves and each other; I learned how to be an athlete.”

Our Team

The Mike Sapp Fitness Team is comprised of over 25 handpicked professional trainers personally recruited by Mike Sapp. Our trainers are an elite group – 100% of trainers have completed degrees in Exercise Science at the University of Hawaii or at mainland colleges.

Our Team leaders are:

Mike Sapp

Mike Sapp

Owner & CEO

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